About Us


At Refinish First, our story begins with two brothers who grew up in a low-income household where they shared a bathroom that doubled as a bedroom. While David and Terry never took for granted what they were given, they were not proud of their childhood home—an experience that profoundly shaped who they are today.

As young adults, the two moved out of their small home and pursued careers in the trades. They eventually landed in the more specialized field of home remodeling where they worked on upscale projects with sizable budgets. As they created beautiful home remodeling solutions for an affluent customer base, they began to recognize an unmet need in the market: a highly affordable way for budget-conscious homeowners to beautify their home. 

At Refinish First, we understand the value of beauty, and we believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank or sacrifice quality to bring that beauty into your home. That is the premise on which Refinish First was founded.

As an independently owned, family-run business, Refinish First offers a range of affordably priced, high quality refinishing solutions for kitchens and bathrooms. Over the past half a decade, our bathtub and countertop reglazing and repair specialists have satisfied thousands of homeowners with innovative refinishing services— instilling in customers what David and Terry didn’t have growing up: pride in their home.