Why Refinish First?

At Refinish First, we are unlike any other in the industry—an indisputable fact that has allowed our bathtub and countertop reglazing and repair specialists to successfully serve and delight thousands of customers over the past five years. 

What makes us different?

We are independently owned.

We are not a franchise, like so many out there. Because we don’t pay a middleman a cut of our earnings each month, we have the freedom to set lower prices and deliver higher quality material. We give you more for less. It’s that simple.

It looks like granite at half the price.

With our patented Optic Echo refinishing process, our countertop specialists can update any countertop with the stunning look of natural stone—at half the price.

We work fast, but we don’t cut corners!

We’ve been doing this for a while—and we know what works and what doesn’t. Our proprietary six-step process ensures a highly streamlined installation of the most durable, long-lasting product.

We are the only refinishing company that offers a 10-year warranty option.

Our bathtub and shower refinishing solutions come with the option of a 10-year warranty—double the industry standard. We do this because we know our instillations are sound and our products are durable, thanks to a superior team of bathtub and countertop reglazing and repair specialists and our proprietary six-step installation process.

We enjoy the freedom to innovate.

Because we are independently owned and not bound by the restrictions that hold franchisees back, we are free to innovate as new trends emerge and evolving needs arise. That innovation allows us to develop exciting new services, like our patented Optic Echo refinishing process, that deliver refinishing solutions you can’t get anywhere else.

We are a local, community-based business.

Our bathtub and countertop reglazing and repair specialists live in your community and are accessible to you, always. We source locally, and we stand behind our product. When you work with us, you always know what you’re getting and who you’re dealing with.

We can personally relate to your challenges.

We get your challenges because we’ve lived many of those same challenges. We understand the importance of having a beautiful home that fills you with pride, but we also know what it means to be budget-conscious. We don’t put anything in your home we wouldn’t put in our own homes, and we don’t charge prices we wouldn’t gladly pay ourselves.

At Refinish First, we do it the right way. Quality. Efficiency. Expedience.