We had a referral from a tile company and before we could contact Refinish First, they sent us an email asking if they could help us with anything and sent a link to their website. Our tile guy gave them a call. He had referred other customers to them with good reviews in return. We called them back and set up an appointment so they could see what we had and run some numbers.

We considered replacing the entire enclosure prior to learning about Refinish First but it was cost prohibitive. $5000.00? And then I understand they don’t replace them, they just make a shell to cover the existing enclosure and they do leak! So refinishing made more sense.

Bryan was knowledgeable, looked over all our woe’s and quoted us a reasonable price for the refinishing, the guest shower was not as bad, walls okay so we took Brian’s advice and had the floor redone, not the walls. He was not trying to sell us more than we needed. We also wanted a glass door enclosure installed in the guest bath, hate shower curtains, so he would get prices on two new enclosures………….WaLah, we have a new bathroom! A lot of work and material for half of what one shower shell would have cost.

If you have a “tired and worn” bathroom, give the “two Brians” a call. Their ultimate goal is to make the customer happy, something that’s hard to find today!
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