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Kitchen counters resurfaced poorly
  · 2 months ago.
We were scheduled to have our kitchen counters resurfaced commencing on April 3, 2019 at 8am.  At 8:30am, when no one called or showed up, we called David the owner who came to our home and gave the initial presentation and took the down payment on March 21, 2019.  He reported to us in this phone call at 8:30 there was a problem with the material and would not be able to be at our home until the following Monday, April 8th at 8am.  We agreed.  Monday morning rolled around, no one showed up at 8, but at about 9 a worker appeared.  No call for being late.
This lack of professionalism of not letting us know when they were going to arrive continued throughout the whole project.  This project lasted 4 days.
The worst of this project is the gaps you can see.  It looks cheap.   Where the paper has been spliced together it does not match.   It does not look like marble or granite.  We were told it would be a smooth product also.  It is bumpy.  
We were told they could redo the work but it would come out the same..... Is this what the world has come to?  Half attempts at doing your best?
It should be noted, there was one bright light to this project; Terry.  He was a hard worker and did the majority of the work and knew his job well.  He worked hard, was kind, answered all questions we had, but ultimately could not assist us as he was not the employer.  
David has never called regarding the gaps in the splicing to see if they could be corrected before the polyurethane was sprayed on nor afterwards.
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