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Core Services

Bathtub repair and refinishing services are a cost effective way to maintain the functionality and appearance of your bathroom. Skilled technicians employ various techniques to fix cracks, chips, or leaks in the bathtub surface, ensuring its longevity. Additionally, professional refinishing services can transform an outdated or worn-out tub into a easy-to-clean, glossy masterpiece.

Fiberglass bathtub and shower repair and refinishing services involve restoring damaged or worn surfaces, improving the look, and enhancing durability using specialized techniques, resulting in a refreshed and rejuvenated showering experience.

Countertop repair and refinishing is a cost-effective solution to restore the beauty and functionality of worn-out or damaged countertops. This process involves repairing chips, cracks, and scratches, and then applying a new finish to achieve a fresh, updated look. Whether your countertop is made of laminate (formica), tile, or cultured marble professional technicians can utilize specialized techniques and high-quality products to seamlessly repair and refinish the surface. 

Tile refinishing, also known as reglazing, is a cost-effective and efficient method to transform the look of your tiles. It involves applying a durable coating that restores shine and durability, providing a fresh and updated appearance to your bathroom or kitchen tiles.