Why You Shouldn’t Use A Franchise Refinisher

You deserve higher quality, a longer warranty, and better prices. Not the cut corners and higher prices from a rented
business (franchise).


Franchised refinishers use the same coatings from the same coatings manufacturers as other refinishers. Many quality
coatings manufacturers bonding agents (wipe on primer) are as good as, or better than, the bonding agents the
franchised refinishers use. Here’s why; in the refinishing industry coatings manufacturers invest almost all of the money
spent on research and development in the industry, franchised refinishers do not.

There are two types of bonding in surface refinishing (mechanical & chemical). Mechanical utilizes a rough surface to
get a grip to the surface. Chemical utilizes the adhesive quality of a chemical to grip the surface. If the surface is, etched
or made rough (mechanical), thoroughly cleaned with a high quality 2 step cleaner, bonded with a quality bonding
agent(chemical), primed, coated with a high quality coating, and thoroughly polished, this will be the most durable and
highest quality refinished surface possible. If any of these refinishing best practices are skipped the durability is
diminished. Because we do not send 6.5% + of our revenue out of state to a middle man each month as the franchised
refinishers do, we do not cut corners in our process. We complete all 6 steps with the best products available.

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Franchise Refinisher

Frequently asked questions

What about the expansion and contraction of the surface? Doesn’t that make using a chemical only bonding system
better? No, if that were true most of the bath-tubs the franchised bonding agent companies refinished
would fail because most tubs are partially rough (mechanical) before they begin their process. Doesn’t etching
(mechanical bond) involve using harmful acids, and you shouldn’t have those in your house? Acids can be dangerous, if
handled improperly, but so is the carpenters saw and the plumbers torch, but those professionals would not cut holes in
your house, or burn your house down, the same way a professional refinisher would not damage your home or your
drains with acid etching. Also, the bonding agent the franchised refinisher’s use eats through rubber gloves in
seconds and is extremely dangerous to breathe without protection.


Because we do not cut corners in our process, and use the best products available for each step we offer a 10 year
warrantee. Refinish First offers a 10 yr. and Bathcrest a 10 yrs. (2nd five is prorated). Ours is 10 yrs. and is not


Because we do not send 6.5% + of our revenue out of state to middle man each month, we can usually offer a better
price than either franchised refinisher.
We can speak with authority on what the franchised refinisher does and use because we were one. Don’t settle for the
cut corners and the higher prices of the franchised refinishers, Refinish First.

Don’t take our word for it: ASK!
Where do they get their coatings? Do they; etch, clean, bond, prime, coat, and polish? What is their warranty?


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