Tile Restoration Services Boise - Why Should You Utilize Refinish First?

-With our restoration and refinishing services you can update your tile without the mess, expense, or downtime of replacement
-We offer three standard solid colors, endless custom colors, and thirty-plus stone accent finishes
-Guaranteed new surface
-Most projects are completed in two days or less, allowing you to return to your normal, daily routine as quickly as possible.

Before Tile Refinishing

After Tile Refinishing

"Great! The technicians came, fixed the tile and sheet rock that was damaged when the tub faucet was replaced, and spent a lot of time removing all the caulk and silicone. Once the tub/tile was ready to clean and prep, they took their time and made sure to contain the mess as best as they could. They then sanded and filled in the low spots on the tub and made a paint tent to get it ready to paint. Once they were ready to paint, they taped off the non-paint areas really well and painted multiple coats – they were efficient and really tried to keep the mess minimal (which is hard to do with remodel work). The paint dried overnight and then they came to buff, polish, add the non slip surface, put the fixtures back on, and caulk the tub. They did a really good job and cleaned up after themselves pretty well."

Jeffrey Ryerson


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