Why You Should Refinish Your Bathtub and Tile

Why You Should Refinish Your Bathtub and Tile

Is your bathroom ugly and in desperate need of repair? Over time, bathtubs and bathroom tile become damaged, become difficult to clean, and start look completely outdated. Completely replacing your entire bathroom is a time-consuming inconvenience. Consider refinishing instead!

How Refinishing Works

Refinishing is a bathroom and tile repair option that includes fixing anything that is damaged and updating the overall appearance of the space. The process includes cleaning, doing repairs, adding a high-strength bond to prevent water damage, and using a special coating to revamp the color and appearance. Your tile and bathtub will not only look attractive, but it will be more durable as well!

Benefits of Refinishing

It’s Affordable

This bathtub and tile repair option is definitely the most affordable choice. A bathtub replacement can cost more than $3,500. The cost of replacing tile includes removal, labor, tile, and installation costs. Removal can cost more than $25 per square foot, and labor, tile, and installation can add even more to the price.

Refinishing, however, is much more affordable. You won’t have to worry about extra costs like removal, buying tile, and installation of brand-new materials. We update and strengthen your tile at an affordable price!

It’s Quicker

Replacing a bathtub or bathroom tile can take months. If you only have one bathroom, you’ll be stranded without a usable bathroom for a long period of time. Refinishing, on the other hand, is a quick tile and bathtub repair option. The refinishing is typically done within a day and you can use your bathtub or bathroom again within twelve hours!

Your Tile and Bathtub Will Last Longer

Replacing your bathtub and tile for trendy new ones might seem like a great idea. You might assume that your old bathtub and tile are at the end of their lifespan. You may think that they won’t last much longer before they start chipping away and need to be replaced. But that might not be the case! In general, refinishing extends the lifespan by around 15 years. When your tub and tile are refinished, a high-strength bonding agent and layer are applied. This makes it more durable and resistant to stains and damages.

Keep What You Love

Do you absolutely love the style of your bathtub or tile, but it needs some repairs to keep it functioning and looking its best? Refinishing your tub and tile doesn’t require you to change the model or design. You’ll get to keep what you love while getting repairs and updates!

The Process is Easier

Do you have a big, heavy clawfoot bathtub, complicated tiling, or complex plumbing? This makes replacing a nightmare. The process is more complicated for the technicians and you’re stuck wondering when the replacement will even get done.

Refinishing takes the difficulty out of fixing your tub and tile. The refinishing process is easy and damage-free. We’ll keep you from worrying about the state of your bathroom!

Update Your Tub and Tile with Refinish First

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