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Beautiful countertops!
  · 1 years ago.
We love this great company!…The best excellent customer service ever, from start to finish…A very good satisfied experience all around…We are so glad we found you...The owners were very knowledgeable, helpful, good communication, and professional…Terry did some very amazing detailed quality outstanding work on our kitchen countertops…We love the transformation…We are absolutely thrilled, impressed, and couldn’t be happier with the outcome…It just looks fantastic!…Terry went above and beyond for us…He was very patient, courteous, prompt, efficient, friendly, polite, cares about our concerns, and made sure we were happy…Thank you Dave and Terry, for this wonderful experience and results!….I would highly recommend to my family and friends without hesitation…Their prices were fair, reasonable, and affordable...We both wish you much success in your business…Dan and Erica Dunn

 Dan and Erica Dunn attached 4 photos.

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